Old’s Cool Self-Care Products

Old’s Cool General Store’s in-house line of bath, beauty and aromatherapy products is made locally right here in Toronto in carefully handcrafted small batches to ensure freshness and quality, with an eye to keeping this as natural as possible. Everything is made with real essential oils, blended to produce a line of scents as unique as us!

Your skin is your body’s largest organ; delicate yet resilient, it absorbs what is applied to it, which then enters your body. Why not treat your epidermis with love and give it healthy, all natural nourishment?


SLS and SLES free and all vegan and gluten free, our line of soaps give a rich, full lather and leaves you feeling squeaky clean without drying your skin out. Made from a decadent blend of shea, mango and coconut butters to really nourish your skin and delight your senses!


All Old’s Cool lotions are made with a quality selection of luxurious butters and emollients, to absorb quickly and thoroughly, leaving your skin radiant, soft and smelling delicious!  Vegan and gluten free.

Body Powders

After bathing and drying off thoroughly, dust yourself with our delicious body powders to keep your skin smooth and dry all day long. Made from natural, vegan, organic ingredients- talcum powder free! Revel in this healthy choice and avoid the unhealthy carcinogens found in regular talcum powder.


All-natural deodorants are all the rage; growing exponentially in popularity as more and more people realize that the dangers of absorbing chemicals through the glands in their armpits is totally un-necessary! All it takes is a light coating from our deodorant bars after bathing, just like a regular deodorant, to keep you smelling great all day. Filled with organic ingredients to absorb moisture and kill odour-causing bacteria, it’s safe enough to eat. They smell good enough that you might be tempted!

Room Sprays

The power of scent is overwhelming to humans; it is the most evocative sense we have. These aromatherapy sprays that gently fill your space with their unique scent; perfect if you don’t want to burn incense, or want something easy to travel with. These room sprays are the perfect way to set the tone in a room, to use as a linen spray or a light cologne or perfume for yourself. Spritz some on the couch or chairs to enjoy them as your relax or mist the lining of your coat to enjoy it all day!

Essential Oil Blends

The most concentrated form of our unique scent line. These essential oils can be diluted in an oil diffuser, blended to mix your favourites or mixed into your own shampoo or body wash. A drop or two on a cotton ball can be tucked into your clothing drawers or closet to leave your garments with a gorgeous scent that is subtle and enduring.