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* The subject of the book, Suzanne, was the author’s grandmother. Having never met her, Anais Barbeau-Lavalette hired a private detective to learn more about her life, and this book is a fictionalized account of her true story.
* Offers a window into the world of Quebec’s Les Automatistes, a group of Quebecois artistic dissidents who helped to fuel the province’s Quiet Revolution.
* A translation of the acclaimed novel La femme qui fuit, winner of the Prix des libraires du Quebec.
* Rhonda Mullins won the Governor General’s Award for her 2015 translation of Jocelyne Saucier’s Twenty-One Cardinals, and has been nominated two times previously.
* Rhonda Mullins’s translation of Jocelyne Saucier’s And the Birds Rained Down was shortlisted for CBC Canada Reads (2015) and the Governor General’s Literary Award for French-to-English Translation (2013).